Why Some Reviews Are Better Qualified Than Others To Prevent Dropship Scams

Is it good advice to read wholesale reviews before you engage in any transactions to avoid dropship scams? Well, that’s only true depending on which reviews you are reading. While it may be tempting to believe that all reviews are the same, it is not the case. There are several factors that make a review an important tool of business intelligence, while other reviews are a mere waste of money! The factors are listed below:

Who is the reviewer?
A review is as good as the reviewer. Would you take advice from just anyone on the street? That’s what you are doing when you are reading reviews without knowing who is behind them. Some of these guys have bad intentions, while others are just outright incompetent.

Therefore, ensure that the next time you read a review; you take a deeper look at who is writing it and what their credentials are.

Availability of material facts:
Anyone can write a review. You could just conduct an elementary Google search yourself and write reviews. But, how deep will your understanding be? And what do you think the impact will be on business decisions made under your guidance? Material facts require primary research. This research is expensive. Therefore, the costs of research are spread out amongst various buyers. This is the modus operandi at eSources. This is why reading eSources reviews leads to a marked difference in the quality of business decisions made. This is also the reason why some reviews are more capable of avoiding dropship scams.

Critical examination:
A good review is created only after critical examination of all the facts involved. The level of detail that the wholesale review provides will tell you the level of effort that went into making it.

This is also what will help protect you from dropship scams.

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