Wholesaler Reviews Posts New Issues Faced by eBay Sellers over Performance Standards

According to wholesaler reviews, eBay sellers are getting new messages on how they measure up to eBay performance yardstick and DSR ratings. Many are actually eBay administrators had put out notifications concerning the issue made a few days back, but this affects only international sales.

Many eBay sellers completely missed out on the point that this was what eBay meant when they said that these were the standards set for trading outside the state. US domestic sellers are not affected by the changes.

Global sales are judges differently from local sales activity for all eBay sellers according to wholesaler reviews sites. According to eBay, the changes are necessitated because when sellers do business outside of the home country, they are required to meet global performance levels which are a measure of the DSR they will receive from all their buyers.

According to queries posted on eBay discussion board, there is a whole lot of confusion among sellers about the parameters employed to judge performance. Sellers want clarification whether the cases of safeguard of customers from overseas clients will count towards US seller performance given the fact that customer service did count against performance.

Also, some eBay sellers opine that they are expected to lower delivery charges or face losing their standings which can affect their performance yardstick. According to eBay moderators there are no changes to how US seller performances are measured. Percentage computation for international standards at present includes deals carried out with local as well as international buyers.

Global dealings will be taken into account only when up gradation to a superior Power Seller level comes up for discussion. According to wholesaler reviews, eBay allows for higher thresholds for shipping which allows more time for supplying products overseas and better pricing in those trades involving international transactions. EBay sellers can definitely take advantage of these thresholds and improve their rankings.

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