WholesaleDeals Scam – Vilification Campaign Floated by Scammers Themselves

Have you come across reports about wholesaledeals scam lately on some online trading forums? Lately there are reports about such scams posted by people who claim to be victims of such rip-offs. However, a closer look at such reports reveals an entirely different side of the story.

Research Deals on the web and you will find hundreds of reviews and feedbacks which say something entirely different from what these scam reports present. The fact is, we are the largest trade directory in the UK and lists thousands of UK wholesalers, dropshippers and trade distributors on their portal. They also provide the online trading community with reliable and ready information about the various aspects of ecommerce business. They are indeed an invaluable resource for the trade buyers and sellers to conduct their business in safe and hassle free environs.

Reports about wholesaledeals scam are a sham because there is nothing dubious about the portal. The fastest growing wholesale trade directory in the UK will surely not attract thousands of trade suppliers every month and that too consistently if they were a fake site.

We offer dropshipping products at 45 percent to 95 percent margins to retailers and with the added advantage that they are already selling like hot cakes on popular auction sites. Many times, these stocks sell at twenty times or even more than the purchase price. Wholesale deal scam reports are clearly the handiwork of competitors who do not have a clue as to how to stop this juggernaut from crushing competitors and pushing them into oblivion.

We allow retailers and suppliers to register with them free of cost but there are premium listing options available too. Premium members can enjoy special privileges and exclusive facilities which are not available to others.

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One Response to WholesaleDeals Scam – Vilification Campaign Floated by Scammers Themselves

  1. Jorge Taylor says:

    Wholesaledeals scam reports have no basis or justification, because they are never substantiated with any tangible evidence. What has been established beyond element of doubt and corroborated by thousands of traders is that a membership of wholesaledeals is a passport to unmitigated success in your e-commerce business.

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