Wholesale Review Site Survey Reveals New Opportunities for Retailers

A leading wholesale review site has published the findings of a new retail study, which examined the preferences of customers using their mobile phones for shopping. According to news reports, this review has unearthed the fact that consumers are using mobile devices to make cross-channel shopping more easy and convenient. A high percentage of the respondents said that they found it easy to place orders by phone.

This survey covered 1,000 UK consumers randomly. A high 87 percent of the participants expected a seamless and steady shopping experience across channels and brands. However, the most revealing feature of the survey was that consumers used their mobile phones beyond the point of purchase or transactions. Rather, they used their mobile phones as a tool to support their entire shopping spree.

According to the report published on the wholesale site, more than half of the respondents rated the ability to use their mobile phones while shopping to check product availability in their favorite store as very important to them. A good 19 percent used their phone inside the store to price shop an item competitively. A similar percentage of participants used their phones to create baskets and shopping lists. A whopping 64 percent said that they would like it if they could use their phones to scan and purchase items and bypass checkout lines.

Most of the surveyed people (66 percent) were against receiving advertising and promotions through their phones. Twenty-three23 percent welcomed the system of gettingreceiving shopping coupons through their mobile phones.

The survey clearly sends a strong message to retailers to pull up their socks and ensure that steps are taken to make it easy for customers to use their phones for cross channel shopping. It can not only boost sales and help retain customer loyalty but can also help shoppers enjoy a hassle free shopping experience.

The survey reported first on a leading wholesale review site also stated that the main inhibiting factors are small screen of the mobile phone, difficulty in visualizing the product and the perceived insecurity of the medium.

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