What is the reason for this buzz about eSources being a SCAM directory?

eSources.co.uk has been UK’s most trusted online directory for many years. Ever since its launch, it has enjoyed the reputation of being the nation’s most preferred trade directory. The growing number of members on this website is testimony to this clean credentials. So what is the reason for this buzz about it being a scam directory?

Despite its growing popularity, one can find articles on the web reporting eSources scams. There are online forums where one can find adverse comments about this online directory. Some of these reports start with bold claims that question the very consequences of its membership. The language is sensational, with the focus solely on supposed nefarious, underhand and unethical practices followed by the directory portal. Such repeated claims have raised doubts and made online tradespersons to questions its’ credibility. The chief reason behind this attempt is to malign eSources.co.uk and discredit its review policy. eSources review is an important tool that has helped this trade portal to become UK’s most trusted directory. With the help of this policy, It has exposed several bogus and fake middlemen and scamsters and accepted only verified listings.

There is an obvious vested interest behind such malicious scam campaigns. More often than not, one can find the same bunch of phony dropshippers or organisations that have been denied inclusion in eSources or exposed by the directory, behind these fake reports. In fact, the reports can themselves give clues about the fake nature of such entities. Almost all these reports claim to be surveys or studies. However, none of them are actually authenticated by an authorised third party. Where authentication does exist, it is usually in some vague or dubious name. Upon cross-checking, most of these studies turn out to be bogus. Moreover, despite claiming to be a study on directories, they rarely, if ever, mention any other directory.

However, the buzz in the real trading world is completely different. On genuine trading sites, discussions on they are quite positive. Authentic members and businessmen who have benefited from eSources often debunk these fake reports on eSource scams. Instead, there are discussions on finding genuine contacts, getting business updates and many benefits that an its member can enjoy on this legitimate trade directory.

It has, ever since its inception, abided by its determination to bring honesty and establish ethical practices in an often deceptive world of online world.

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One Response to What is the reason for this buzz about eSources being a SCAM directory?

  1. Jacques says:

    Yes, as eSources is getting popular day by day. Hence, its jealous competitors are trying to kill its good reputation through such scam reports and unscrupulous activities.

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