Using Services of Established Trade Directory Portals Can Help Avoid Scams

Online retailing has come a long way since it was first introduced in the early 90’s. The ever increasing desire to work from home and make pots of money online has fuelled the ecommerce business to such an extent that it has become one of the fastest growing industries today. With the right business tools and a well designed and efficient website you too can make an effective beginning to your ecommerce business.

Buying and selling online is not much different from its offline version. Both involve retailers and wholesale suppliers who buy and sell products in lots. The only difference is that the online medium is much faster, highly convenient to operate and can be managed even by those with little or no experience in wholesale or retail business. The basic theory of buying at a lower price and selling at a higher price to make profits remains unchanged.

  • A Simple Way to Sell Online is the Dropship Model

Here too, the online version makes a difference. Your profits can improve vastly when you do ecommerce as compared to traditional wholesale business. The overheads are vastly reduced. As a retailer, you don’t even require a warehouse to store and sell things. With the dropship model, online reselling has become even simpler and extremely convenient to use.

It is important to use the services of established and reputable wholesalers and dropshippers. is one of the most reliable directory services in the UK. Scams are a common feature in any ecommerce business as the very nature of business leaves enough scope for unscrupulous elements to exploit them. Using trusted, established and dependable trade directory services such as can help you manage your e-store better. The UK trading community knows that there are scammers waiting to lure them with their fake plans and false promises. Already, many retailers who are new to online selling have succumbed to their schemes.

  • Selling Online is Risky but That Can be Dealt With

Selling online is a risky business according to industry experts. The trust deficit factor is one of the major obstacles and can come in the way of smooth business transactions. Most of the times, the information that suppliers put up on their website are wrong. They can be deliberately misleading and can induce retailers to invest in their services only to end up getting scammed.

Many wannabe entrepreneurs want to sell online so that they can establish a home based business without the investment needs of a traditional brick and mortar business. However, if not done properly and without taking the necessary precautions, it can fail badly and leave you shaken financially and emotionally. Wholesale and dropship scams are regularly occurring despite the increased awareness among the UK online trading community about such incidents.

It clearly shows that scammers are always thinking a couple of steps ahead. They continuously change their methods and keep using different methods to trap newcomers. Some dropship scam sites even have their own forum where they post fabricated reviews and testimonials. They invest their ill-gotten money in creating websites that make their business appear real and authentic to retailers looking for such services.

If you are a first time reseller looking for a reliable and dependable supply source, use directory services such as to enjoy quality service and access to best suppliers and products.

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