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A New Dropshipping Market is Fast Emerging

News reports emerging from China is being watched by EBay power sellers and ecommerce shop owners with keen interest. Latest figures emerging from the country seem to confirm that they are the new world leaders in dropshipp. It is a sector that has been dominated heavily by the US based companies and most of the drop shipping companies have their physical addresses in the US.

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Ebay Looks To Gain More Strength With Its Latest Acquisition

According to wholesale reviews, popular auction site EBay is on the verge of acquiring a well known ecommerce vendor in a deal that is worth well over $ two billion. The share purchase prices have been agreed upon for this major deal which is expected to be sealed in the third quarter of 2011.

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Wholesaler Reviews Posts New Issues Faced by eBay Sellers over Performance Standards

According to wholesaler reviews, eBay sellers are getting new messages on how they measure up to eBay performance yardstick and DSR ratings. Many are actually eBay administrators had put out notifications concerning the issue made a few days back, but this affects only international sales.

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Online Selling Reviews Announce the Biggest Acquisitions of 2011 in the Drug Industry

Every profit minded retailer, big or small, wants to have a share of the online retail pie. The latest retailer joining the bandwagon is a giant American drug store. According to an online selling reviews site, this Illinois based drugstore chain has announced that it is in the process of buying an online drug company for a deal that is worth about $ 409 million. It sends out a big alert to just about any retailer, big or small, that online markets are where the action is going to be.

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Mobile CRM Is the Next Big Thing in the Online Selling Industry According to Wholesale Review Sites

According to wholesale review sites, the online selling industry is ready for mobile customer relationship management. Trends clearly point out that new and old generations are using their mobile phones to do many things other than communicating. The use of mobile devices for e-commerce transactions is clearly rising and in a big way.

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Online Selling Reviews Indicate a Strong Opening in 2011 for Online Stores

Despite a challenging economy and the tough economic times, online sales in European markets grew by an impressive 18 percent last year. According to online selling reviews, market experts believe that the figures for 2011 will be at least 13 percent by a conservative estimate. In terms of value, the figures are about €9.2 billion. Those who have contributed to the growth of online business include new online buyers.

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Drop Shipping Directories – What Makes Them So Important?

Dropshipping is an excellent business opportunity that helps people with good marketing skills to earn a great income from the comfort of their homes. However, just as it is in the case of other online businesses, there are many things you must watch out for to ensure the success of your business. You must also be aware of where you can go wrong and what to do in case an issue arises.

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Dropshippers Reviews – How Much Can You Trust Them?

Drop shipping is quickly growing in popularity as more and more people begin to embrace it as a reliable means to supplement their income. To get started in this business, it is vital to locate the right supplier. To find a good supplier, people regularly turn to online dropshippers reviews. However, how trustworthy are these reviews? Read on to find out.

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