Progressing from Ecommerce Struggler to eBay Powerseller

Advancing from the bottom of the barrel toward the top is a challenging but exhilarating process, particularly if you are an entrepreneur. Ecommerce offers many such opportunities to people who want to be their own boss, and at the same time, be part of a satisfying, profitable enterprise.

However, making the leap from small-time retailer to powerseller requires hard work and access to the best suppliers. You can access the suppliers only if you are a member of a reliable wholesale directory. Reviews have pointed out that eSources is the largest B2B directory of UK suppliers and features many international suppliers too.

Here are some tips to help you in move into the big league.

Have a goal

Even the most successful enterprises start from scratch. You cannot build a large business overnight. The difference between failure and success is marked by the ability to keep moving toward your goal. Revisit your business plan every month and assess your success for the previous month. For example, if you have planned to acquire at least 50 customers by the end of the month, work hard to achieve this goal.

If you have registered with a reliable trade directory, make it a point to go through their e-mailed courses and informative articles on how to start and maintain an online store. Buyers have, through reviews, recommended both the basic and advanced courses offered by eSources. You can access the basic courses even as a free, nonpaying member. The advanced courses are offered to all paid members. Membership is very affordable; there is no reason for you to not access this immensely helpful resource.

Don’t purchase a product simply because it looks “cool”

The product you sell should be something you like, not something that everybody else is selling. You cannot run a profitable business if you’re not enthusiastic about your inventory. On esources, you will find suppliers who offer many types of cheap products in bulk. These products include accessories for cell phones and laptops, and many other popular products that are not only easy to source but also offer higher dividends.

If you are looking for ideas on what to sell on eBay, look at the eSources directory. This directory contains profiles of suppliers belonging to different product categories. You would get a fair idea about the kind of products that are popular on eBay and other ecommerce websites once you go through this directory.

Smaller stock, high profit

Small retailers cannot afford to purchase large stocks. Many retailers cannot afford even basic warehousing. They prefer to have the products drop shipped to the customer. You need to keep in mind that unless you negotiate with a supplier and purchase products in smaller volumes, you would be risking unsold stock.

The second thing to focus on is the price. The price of products should not be too high. This directory is immensely helpful in this matter. You can find genuine suppliers on this site willing to offer products at wholesale prices.

You must also protect your business from fraud. While there have been unsubstantiated rumours of scam about the eSources directory, buyers have completely dismissed such reports as the handiwork of envious competitors. If you want to keep your business safe, use a directory like this one to find the best suppliers.

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