Online Selling Reviews Announce the Biggest Acquisitions of 2011 in the Drug Industry

Every profit minded retailer, big or small, wants to have a share of the online retail pie. The latest retailer joining the bandwagon is a giant American drug store. According to an online selling reviews site, this Illinois based drugstore chain has announced that it is in the process of buying an online drug company for a deal that is worth about $ 409 million. It sends out a big alert to just about any retailer, big or small, that online markets are where the action is going to be.

The company is looking to bolster its online presence in conjunction with an established online pharmacy and a few other smaller ecommerce sites with which discussions have already concluded positively. This acquisition will offer the US drug chain giant a unique opportunity in the sense that it will provide them immediate access to more than three million online savvy and loyal customers through its new vendors and partners. This has the potential to make an instant and positive difference to its sales figures.

According to a few online selling reviews portals, the company is already adding close to 60,000 products to their existing strong product line. The company has been making strong moves to capture the vast ecommerce space in the drug industry. Its existing infrastructure and financial clout has helped them achieve their online marketing dreams exactly as they have visualized.

The drug industry already has a strong presence online and there are many industry giants including manufacturers who have made the transition into ecommerce markets smoothly, to reach to a wider audience. The Illinois based drug chain has perhaps made the biggest move in terms of acquisition. According to online selling reviews, the combined sales figures of all these companies can be mindboggling even before the synergistic effect of their combined markets are fully realized.

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