Procuring Products For Your Online Retailing Business

Procuring products is an important part of running an e-commerce business. And this task can be quite overwhelming, as there are multiple factors you have to take into account when sourcing products. You have to ensure that you get products at low rates, products should be good quality, and the supplier should deliver the merchandise on time and should be able to cater to the changing requirements of your customers quickly. Choosing the supplier that meets your requirements may not be easy for you, and you should use a B2B directory like to help.

Here are the key strategies for sourcing products for your online business.

  • Dropshipping – Dropshipping allows you to sell items without actually owning them. It is an order fulfillment strategy in which you have to only market items, take orders, and then forward order information to your supplier. The supplier is responsible for packaging and shipping the items to your customers. This product sourcing technique is gaining popularity as it allows online retailers to operate with minimum overhead and capital investment. If you are interested in offering a wide range of products, then it is best to use dropshipping because it allows you to check the profit potential and viability of different products without the risk of losing capital.
  • Wholesale Suppliers – These firms buy directly from manufacturers and sell to retailers in bulk. The discounts offered directly depend upon the quantities you buy. The only problem is that wholesalers prefer to deal only with big businesses that have the capacity to invest a huge amount in inventory. However, there is no need to worry as you can get references of wholesale suppliers having small minimum order sizes through
  • Liquidation Sales – Often manufacturers liquidate their excessive stock by selling it at less-than-wholesale rates. Companies that are closing out also use this technique in order to get rid of inventory. Liquidation sales can be an excellent source to procure goods at low prices. To keep track of such sales, you should become member of as they keep their members updated about such events through e-mails.
  • Local Talent – It can be a great source for getting unique and customized products at reasonable rates. For instance, if you sell gifts and collectibles, you can engage local talent for making tailor-made items for you. Not only will it be cost-effective, but it will also give greater freedom to you to express your creativity and cater to the requirements of your customers.
  • Importers – If you find it more profitable to source your products from other countries, then you should use importers. Though in such a case, you can also buy directly from international manufacturers, it can be a complicated process, and if you are working on a small scale, it may not be financially viable.

You could use multiple product-sourcing strategies depending upon your business. For instance, if you have wholesalers for your niche products, but lately you are planning to venture into new products, you could use a dropshipper. The right mix of strategies will help you make good profits and improve your customer satisfaction levels. For locating the right product sources, visit

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