Mobile CRM Is the Next Big Thing in the Online Selling Industry According to Wholesale Review Sites

According to wholesale review sites, the online selling industry is ready for mobile customer relationship management. Trends clearly point out that new and old generations are using their mobile phones to do many things other than communicating. The use of mobile devices for e-commerce transactions is clearly rising and in a big way.

Smartphones are being used by all age groups and across all business categories, including apparel, groceries, department stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and telecom. Telecom owners are said to have a huge database of retail chains across the US and Canada. Other major European countries also present a similar picture.

Wholesale sites say that a vast majority of retailers are eyeing mobile phones as a device that will fuel unimaginable growth opportunities and revenue options for online retailers. An independent survey carried out recently show that there is a huge increase in the percentage of people using mobile retail technology to shop online as compared to last year. Online selling reviews are clear that retailers are increasing their mobile marketing initiatives as a part of their overall marketing strategies.

Retailing is not the only place where the evolution of the mobile phone is happening in a huge way. Even telecom operators are seeing the huge potential for these services in their sector. They believe that coupons and vouchers will become the most dominant form of mobile marketing by 2015 or even earlier. There is, however, a pressing need for more secure platforms if these figures are to become a reality. Also, customers must be provided greater transparency about destruction of their data should they chose to opt out from an arrangement.

According to wholesale review portals, the mobile phone has become a device for consumer satisfaction and is a driver for revenue growth for any online businesses. But, there is a clear need to let customers know that they have the control in their hands, relevant choices, and better offers when they use their mobile devices for online shopping.

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