Know Everything About Scams From Wholesale Reviews

Are you new to online retailing and looking for reliable dropshippers for your business? You are most likely to come across ads that talk about cheap lists of dropshippers and wholesalers. No, they do not take money from you and then disappear. They do send you a CD full of the most worthless product sourcing list information that you have ever come across. There are many newcomers to the field who have the same CDs with the same names. According to dropship reviews, they are absolutely worthless because not even a single name on those CDs is genuine or traceable.

When supplier or dropshipping services are listed on genuine portals, such as online directory lists or a wholesale forums, they are thoroughly verified on various parameters. There is a very remote possibility of decoy operators finding their way into the lists as strict regulatory measures are enforced on such sites.

Another method that scammers often use to entice newcomers is by announcing “complete home business solutions” or something to that effect. They promise to create a storefront for you and a have a list of thousands of products that they will dropship for you. They will even provide you with merchant services, which you can operate without having to open a bank account—all this for a one-time hefty payment. There are hundreds of online retailers who have fallen into such traps and have ended up with lighter pockets.

Another popular dropshipping scam trick is to charge retailers a membership fee to do business with them. Remember that no real supplier will ever charge a fee just to do business with you. Anyone who asks for advance payment as registration fees must be avoided.

The online retail business arena is full of middlemen who are forever on the lookout for newcomers and traders who know little about how the system works. You may sign with them and send them orders, which they place with a real supplier. You end up paying a lot more than the actual price because the middlemen are making a profit out of your efforts.
According to wholesale review sites, scammers are becoming more daring and innovative in their approach. It is important to make every move with extreme caution to avoid getting sucked into a scam setup.

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