How to Get Positive Feedback On Ebay

What is the first thing that a customer looks for when dealing with a new online seller? Probably, the customer checks the feedback about the seller to know how trustworthy the seller is. This means your key to success on eBay depends on your feedback, and therefore, it is important to work toward developing a good feedback score. In this article, we will brief you about some key strategies that can help you get good feedback ratings. You can also refer to other resources, like, which educate trade buyers and sellers on how to sell successfully online.

·         Give accurate and detailed descriptions about items.

Online buyers get really annoyed when they receive something different from what they expected. In order to avoid such situations, you should give true and detailed descriptions of items. All the necessary information like weight, size, color, style, model, features, and whether the item is new or used should be clearly mentioned. If the item is used, you should describe its condition, giving information about dents, blemishes, discoloration, and scratches. The best thing is to include some high-quality pictures of your items taken from different angles so that your prospective customers can have an idea of what the products look like.

  • Stick to delivery schedules.

Late delivery is one of the main reasons for customers to leave negative feedback. Therefore, you should aim to ship items as soon as possible. You can give pleasant surprises to your customers by delivering their items before the scheduled date, and in return, you may get positive feedback. Keep your customers informed about their order status through e-mails, and provide them with order tracking numbers once you ship the items.

  • Be honest.

Being honest is one of the most important things that go a long way in building customers’ trust. If your descriptions are accurate, your return and exchange policy is fair, your shipping costs are reasonable, you use safe shipping methods, and you keep your customers informed about their order status, you will surely earn brownie points. If, despite all your attempts, your customer faces any problems, you should accept your mistake and do what you can to rectify it. Try to make the customer happy so that he or she does not leave negative feedback.

  • Send a thank-you note.

You should send a thank you along with every product. This sweet gesture does not cost anything but greatly helps you in winning the confidence of your customers and promoting your brand. For more information on how to build customer confidence, you should visit, which gives you access to trade-related articles and blogs so that you can get useful insight into running an online reselling business successfully.

To improve your feedback score, you should offer good-quality products at reasonable rates and treat your customers with respect. You should be easily reachable to your customers. If your buyers have any questions, you should try to answer them to their satisfaction. Last but not the least, leave positive feedback for your buyers regardless of what they write about you. If you wish to know more secrets of developing great feedback scores on eBay, you should register with, where you can interact with thousands of successful traders and get tips on building a great online reselling business.

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