ESources Reviews – How to Avoid Scammers in Online Selling

Online selling is gaining popularity every passing day as more and more individuals and enterprises join the e-commerce bandwagon, hoping to cash in on the current trend. As is inevitable, the explosion of interest in this business has also attracted scammers, who are also there to make a fast buck at the cost of your ignorance and gullibility. Esources reviews talks about such scams perpetuating at various levels in the online selling business.

It is quite evident that online sales and shopping have suddenly taken off, and there is more action on e-commerce portals and online auction sites now than ever before. The opportunity to be your own master is quite tempting, and everyone wants to experience the feeling of being an entrepreneur. The inhibiting factors of the past, such as huge capital investments and employing skilled staff, are no longer relevant in today’s e-commerce business.

It is eminently possible to be your own boss without having deep pockets. The success that the early birds enjoyed in online selling using the dropshipping model and other online resources has seen thousands of inexperienced wannabe entrepreneurs plunging into this business head-on without even bothering to test the waters.

Unfortunately, along with this deluge also comes the elements that have smelled the opportunity to cash in on the inexperience and greed of newcomers. Online scammers have spread their tentacles far and wide into this business, making fast moves and rapid changes to their modus operandi to beat every regulatory measure introduced to keep them in check.

Fortunately, all is not lost for newcomers. According to experts on esources review, if you are looking to enter the arena of online selling, there are measures that can help you avoid such situations. You must, however, be prepared to move out of your comfort zone and keep your eyes and ears open and your fist tightly shut if you do not want to see that hard-earned money vanish into thin, virtual air.

Here are some of the methods recommended by those who have gone through the grind, went head-to-head with scammers, and emerged largely unscathed out of the process of selecting the right type of wholesale suppliers.

Research Your Wholesaler
Find out as much as you can about the wholesaler that you intend to do business with. This might involve investing some time and money, but as mentioned earlier, you cannot expect everything to be delivered on a silver platter. Check their references, their physical addresses, and the contact numbers given on their websites. Basic information about their registration and licenses can be obtained through the right sources.

Avoid Wholesalers With Only an E-mail Address and a Website
These types of wholesalers who do not have physical addresses but give only e-mail and telephone contact details should be suspect number one on your list of scammers. Keep away from them even if they offer you huge discounts and the best wholesale lot rates. You are not going to see that merchandise anyway.

Use Wholesale Forums and Online Directories
According to reviews, using wholesale forums, online trade directories, and similar authentic business portals are the most trustworthy ways to locate reliable, legitimate wholesale suppliers. Wholesale forums allow listings only after they have passed through stringent verification processes. They are checked for the veracity of their business addresses, licenses, registrations, and other mandatory regulations thoroughly. Such forums are your best source to get authentic suppliers and avoid dropshipping or wholesale scams.

Order Samples
Genuine wholesalers will have no problems fulfilling your need for a variety of samples. Scammers will make excuses.

Never Pay Upfront
Trust esources reviews when they say that genuine wholesalers will not charge you any registration fees or services charges. They will never ask for money in advance. Remember that thing about keeping your fist clenched and not paying till you have seen the goods.

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16 Responses to ESources Reviews – How to Avoid Scammers in Online Selling

  1. Alex says:

    Your blog is extremely informative and contains everything that a newcomer must know about dropshipping. Thanks for the detailed information.

    • webadmin says:

      Hi Alex

      Thanks for you appreciation for my work. The absolute necessity to know everything about dropship scams has been stressed upon in many previous posts too. However, despite such alerts, the dependency on cheap dropshipper lists and free directories have not exactly stopped. The good news is that new entrepreneurs using the dropship model are more knowledgeable about scams. The instances of newcomers being taken for a ride by scammers has dropped considerably over the past few months. However, the high levels of alertness must be maintained at all times. You never know when these swindlers will strike and how.

      Scammers are not exactly licking their wounds. They are busy planning their next fool proof to trap their next victims. Will try to keep all of you posted about such scams as soon as we get a whiff about it. Do read my next blog for more information about the subject.

  2. Tracy says:

    What if you want to research an online marketing company that offers drop shipping coneections. How does or where does one go to find out the scoop?

    • admin says:

      Researching a dropship company that you have come across from unreliable sources is important so that you do not end up getting caught in any of the numerous scams being carried out on many ecommerce sites. It is practically difficult to find unbiased information about dropshippers despite the absolute need for it. However, there are portals that provide authentic, impartial and balanced reviews about dropshippers and report the performance of dropshippers as they view it, without prejudice.
      Online directory sites such as esources, have the largest listing of reliable and verified dropshippers on their wholesale list. You can check if the dropshipping company you intend to research is there on that list. If you find them there you can be sure of their legitimacy because scammers just cannot make it to the listings. The strict listing processes make it virtually impossible for them to permeate the list.

      If their name does not figure on the list that does not automatically mean that it is a scam party. You can start checking the reputation threads where other ecommerce players frequently log in to post and share information about dropshippers and dropshipping scams. You can even post request for the dropshipper to be reviewed. The members will share their experiences with you about the company if they have dealt with them in the past. Or else they will investigate the company or the website and provide the information that you need.
      Meanwhile here is a quick checklist of the common characteristics of a dropship scammer.

      Lack of contact information is one of the most prominent signals of a scammer. Those who promise big bucks without any effort must be dealt with carefully. Be wary of promises that look far too good to be real. If they request for advance payments, they are scammers without any element of doubt. Finally, never rely on search engines to establish the legitimacy of a dropshipper. The new age scammers are internet savvy and know how to manipulate results to entice you.

  3. Janet says:

    There is a mention about avoiding wholesalers with only an e-mail address and a website. I did come across a wholesaler who did not have a physical address but did send me the required samples. From the looks of it they do seem genuine. What do I do now?

    • admin says:

      Hi Janet
      Dropship scams happen because despite knowing everything about how they are perpetuated, when the situation does present itself in front of us we tend to drop guard. The wholesaler that sent you samples could be a truly legitimate one. But just sending you samples amounts to absolutely nothing at all and does not tell you anything about their genuineness. In fact, the samples can be a small investment made by a scammer to get you trapped into bigger things. Doing business with a verified wholesaler who has a physical address assures you of his exact location. So you know where to reach them when the situation arises.

      My blog alerts newcomers to online retailing business about the need to do business with wholesalers listed on trusted wholesale forums and online directories because there is a fool-proof method followed for listing. And unfortunately there are many such instances where wholesalers with only an email address have turned out to be dubious elements. Hence the alert.

  4. david arndell says:

    What you said about wholesalers sending samples as a trap to get their hands deeper into the pockets of unsuspecting victims is spot on. I know of instances where a few people have succumbed to this trick and come out with lighter pockets and improved intelligence. So keep off those without permanent physical addresses, whatever the temptation.

  5. Sean McAdams says:

    I was hooked on to the online selling bandwagon and threw all caution to the winds landing right into the hands of scammers. I now use esources and going great guns. The verified list of suppliers keeps scammers away from me.

  6. Bonie McCallum says:

    Esources is the right way to choose suppliers for your niche. They have only genuine and legitimate wholesalers on their list which is such a relief.

  7. Hamish McMillan says:

    I have learnt to avoid online scams the esources way and it has worked fine for me. I would recommend that you use the verified wholesalers’ directory to connect with honest suppliers every time.

  8. Zack says:

    Newcomers are most vulnerable to scams and the cheats know where exactly to strike. That’s why you should use a proven and reliable wholesale directory service such as esources to keep scammers away from you.

  9. moore says:

    Esources is the perfect way to beat scammers and establish your business successfully.

  10. Oliver says:

    I can’t thank esources more for all the assistance they provided me in finding genuine suppliers. I was sceptical because I was scammed twice last year. But now I know they can be trusted completely.

  11. Julian Lee says:

    Esources has the most authentic list of wholesalers and dropshippers. I have been using their directory for many months now and it has been a hugely satisfactory experience every time.

  12. Kyle Rochers says:

    I was scammed by a dropshipper who took my money and disappeared. It made me look at all suppliers with suspicion. However, it is a different story with esources. The wholesalers listed here are genuine, verified and transparent in their dealings.

  13. Craig Morgan says:

    I always use esources to find suppliers for various products. I know for sure that I will find them here quickly and conveniently. It is the perfect place for newcomers.

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