How to Avoid Dropshipping Esources Scams

Whether you sell on eBay or on an online storefront, finding a reliable dropshipper is the key to reduce your overhead and increase efficiency. There are many firms offering dropshipping services, all making promises, but only a few really live up to their claims. In order to avoid a dropshippers eSources scam, you should do your homework properly to narrow down the best firms for you.

Get Your Dropship List From a Reliable Source

A dropship list could provide you with valuable information required for locating the right dropshipper. But beware; there have been a lot of esources scams lately, where firms have sold outdated lists or lists containing false information. To avoid such scams, you should visit a trusted wholesale directory for buying the list.

Check the Rates

Dropship firms have different types of fees and charges. Some charge an annual membership fee, while some have no fee. Some charge per order, while some have packages that allow you to send a fixed number of orders at a set rate. Before enrolling for a dropship program, check its rates. A firm may offer you products at the lowest prices, but its fees and charges may eat up your profits. Therefore, you should do a thorough analysis to determine whether it is profitable to use a particular dropshipper or not.

Check the Reputation

Wholesale forums and eSources reviews are good sources to learn about the reputation of a dropship firm. These websites provide vital information, like what the best-selling product category of a dropshipper is, what problems you could face with them, if they have secure payment methods, how their customer service is, and so on. You should also visit the Better Business Bureau website to learn the rating of the firm. Apart from this, you should find out the opinions of your colleagues to avoid dropship errors.

Check the Refund Policy

If a dropshipper has no refund policy, you should see it as a red flag. A firm that is confident about the quality of its products does not mind refunding money if the customer is not satisfied with a product.

eSources scams are quite common. You should never send money to a dropshipper through wire transfers. Also, you should contact the dropshipper personally through e-mails and phone calls to check if the contact details provided by the firm are real.

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