Five Reasons That Will Indicate If Your Ecommerce Business Is Floundering

People go starry-eyed when told about the advantages of starting an e-tailing business. The part about being your own boss, setting your own work hours, earning unlimited income, and working from the comfort of your home are accurate. However, they don’t paint the whole picture. People who tell you about the advantages of ecommerce, rarely let you know how difficult it can be, at least in the initial stages.

Here are some possible reasons for the failure of an ecommerce business.

Shoddy Planning and Poor Research

Rome was not built in a day. You have to research the market, come up with business ideas, and get the details down on paper before you start an online store. If you simply start an online retail business and put no effort into research, you will not get far in your chosen business.

While ecommerce is cheap when compared with brick and mortar retail stores, you need to figure out a few things:

  • How much you are willing to spend on the website, inventory, and other costs
  • How much time you can give your business
  • What kind of products will you sell
  • Where will you buy these products
  • What sort of marketing strategies are you contemplating

Bad Website Design

Poorly designed websites discourage customers from exploring any further. With competitors vying for customer attention, there is always the risk that a dissatisfied customer will move on to another ecommerce site rather than waste their time aimlessly searching through overcrowded home pages, pages that load at snail’s pace, and poorly organized content. It is usually a good idea to not the website too flashy but you can use a little bit of graphics, even videos, to make things snazzier.

Zero Safety

People are very anxious about credit card fraud, identity theft, and other misuse of their personal information. Therefore, if your site does not offer them a 100% secure shopping experience, they will not buy products from you.

Lack of Information

Take a look at sites such as This site offers wholesale products to resellers. When you open the home page, you will see how neatly the content is organized. There is a sticker offering the latest updates on deals, and the buyer can easily access all product categories from the home page. The great website design is just one of the reasons for the success of, but you get the idea…no ecommerce business succeeds without proper content.

No Customer Care

When customer care is lacking, buyers lose interest. If you are not enthusiastic about your business, it shows in the way you deal with customers. Late replies to emails, not taking back defective products, overpricing, high shipping costs, delayed shipping, and rude behaviour are some of the major grievances that customers have against retailers. If you are finding it hard to manage the volume of phone calls and emails, outsource the job to a call center.

Poor Quality Products saves the buyer from the two major customer complaints — overpricing and poor quality. On, you can find a range of good quality, cheap wholesale products. These products are offered by verified suppliers, so there is no reason for you to worry about fraud.

These are just some of the reasons your ecommerce business is not doing as well as it should. Use trusted wholesale sites such as to source products, and learn all you can about the business before you venture into it.

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