eSources Scam – The Result Of A Dirty Old Trick ‘Libel The Established’

If you have ever thought of venturing into online trade and ecommerce, one directory that would have constantly drawn your attention is none other than Though this is a UK trade directory, it has an international coverage. eSources members are present all around the globe as it does not restrict access to its enormous database of trade buyers and suppliers to its users, immaterial of whether they are based in the UK or any other country. 

It is however disheartening to see that a trade portal, which has successfully served millions of users for the past several years, has been put to disgrace by a set of few deceitful middleman wholesalers and dropshippers. These entities have tried various sorts of unethical practices and wrong preaching to defame esources and target its debacle. However, the directory with its notable attributes of commitment and credibility and deep-rooted associations, continues to be the preferred source amongst both UK and international trade communities. 

Some of the facts that are apparent are: 

  • has been around for nearly a decade now. For a company to survive such long and with outstanding growth, stability of business is important, which would not have been possible if esources did not have a good and continuous customer base.

  • has the biggest database of suppliers and wholesalers. For those who say that  eSources steals the database, the question is, ‘what’s stopping those suppliers to contact eSources with an objection petition? The fact that there has been no official complaint clearly indicates that the above statement is a fallacy and not a fact.

  •   The rivals say that sends scam mails offering fictitious jobs. Why would it do this    when it is a highly reputed company and can easily advertise jobs with the confidence that any  candidate would be more than willing to be a part of a successful enterprise?

  •  There have been rumors that has been creating smear campaigns against competitors.  Why would it do that? It is actually the other way round. If you closely see the various forums which state these negative stories, you can easily make out that the content posted on these forums are forged. The only positive that can be said about these scammers is that they are Photoshop and Excel sheet masters, and are using this skill to con the innocent readers to thinking negative about eSources.

  •   It is said that sends countless spam emails to customers. A company that is largely  acclaimed for its impeccable customer service has no reason to irritate its users by sending spam  emails, and risk their patronage.

  •   It is circulated that takes payments from the users which are not due. The terms and    conditions that every user signs before opting for a subscription with esources contain the method of  payments and subscription details as well. Only an uneducated person can be made to believe in the above baseless allegation. 

It is important to get realistic. There is no reason for esources to indulge in any kind of misconduct when its users are seen to celebrate its valuable existence on countless instances. The best piece of advice for the creators of such fabricated stories is, to channelize their efforts in the right direction, to establish themselves using fair means, and not get lost into the oblivion trying to shake what the world believes is a connoisseur!

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4 Responses to eSources Scam – The Result Of A Dirty Old Trick ‘Libel The Established’

  1. Kevin Kearney says:

    I would just like to say a big thankyou for esources. It has been very hard trying to find a stable and professional website. Very user friendly and pretty much anything you need can be found here. I was most impressed by the fact that when I signed up to the lifetime membership and sent a request for items I need, I got alot of replies from big companies within 4 hours. Definitely will recommend this site to anyone looking to start up there own business or even already established retailers.

  2. LEANNE FOULDS says:

    I am delighted with the service available to me, since joining your sight the time it has saved me is emence, your site is user friendly with no hassle, and I like that, as I am not the most computer minded person in the world.

  3. jholly says:

    Esources have provided me with the lots of authentic suppliers. And all the information provided was accurate, Now I can easily avoid scams with esources. I am impressed with the efficient assistance provided by esources.

  4. Gavin says:

    Really it is true that scam suppliers set up very good website with catchy architecture. However, one shouldn’t forget to check the verification process of such wholesale supplies in order prevent from fraudulent activities.

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