ESources Scam – How To Avoid Usual Pitfalls in Wholesale Dropshipping?

Using the online selling route to become your own boss is becoming a popular profession. The ease with which such a setup can be established and the seemingly easy profits that come from selling online is tempting for even the laziest of individuals to try their hand at online selling business. Unfortunately, scammers are also looking at the same business as a hugely potential opportunity to utilize their impious skills. Esources scam is being reported with alarming frequency from all across the ecommerce spectrum.

Dropshipping is becoming a popular way for ecommerce entrepreneurs to launch their online businesses. Low capital investment, the convenience of outsourcing all major processes related to the business to the dropshipper and the relatively hassle-free route to establish one’s entrepreneurial status is what attracts individuals to the profession in droves. However, scammers too have found the business a lucrative ground to cheat newcomers and ignorant traders and then scoot into oblivion.

There is a need to be ultra-vigilant while choosing suppliers for your online supplies business. Online selling may seem to be the easiest business to do but there are serious drawbacks and innumerable pitfalls that you must negotiate to be able to make money out of the enterprise. The most common problem faced by newcomers to this field is locating reliable, trustworthy and importantly, legitimate distributors. eSources scam reports is increasing every passing day with reports of scammers having made off with tons of cash of gullible newcomers.

The industry has woken up to the need to enforce measures that prevent such unscrupulous elements from taking advantage of the loopholes in the system. There are some time-tested measures and practices, which when adopted into your business will provide adequate protection from those waiting to pounce on you.

Do Not Rely on Search Engine Results:

If you are trying to locate a reliable dropshipper or a wholesaler on the internet, it is hugely risky proposition. Search engine results are not guaranteed to deliver names of the best suppliers nor do they offer any protection from scammers. Esources scams have hit many startup companies and they have fallen by the side because of doing business with unverified dropshippers.

Rely On Wholesale Forums & Trade Directories:

Online business directories and trade forums are your most trusted sources to connect with the best dealers in business. Business forums have an extensive list of reliable and legitimate suppliers. Scammers have little chance of making to this list because the registration is long-drawn and rigorous process. It involves verification of licenses and vetting the claims of the suppliers desirous of getting listed.

You can get detailed information about the distributors registered with the forums by becoming a member and paying a nominal fee. This helps you do your own research by looking up their physical addresses and visiting their facilities to establish their authenticity. Of course, all this involves a lot of legwork and time. But, it is a small price to pay for hooking up with reliable and vetted service providers.

Seeking Assistance from Established Business Owners:
Esources scam can also be prevented if you seek the advice of seniors in the industry who have gone through the grind. They can provide useful information about sellers and dropshipping companies. Old timers usually have an ear to the ground and know a good deal about scammers and individuals who are less than honest in their dealings.
You can find reliable names for your type of products from business persons already well established in the online retail business.

Some other things that you must avoid like plague is announcements of unusually huge discounts on wholesale lots from some dropshippers, most likely scammers masquerading as genuine suppliers. Also, never part with any cash upfront if demanded by your wholesale supplier. Genuine suppliers never ask for money in advance.
eSources scam can be easily avoided if basic precautionary measures are followed. Use forums and online trade directories to locate legitimate suppliers.

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6 Responses to ESources Scam – How To Avoid Usual Pitfalls in Wholesale Dropshipping?

  1. Martha says:

    Your blog is indeed useful for newcomers like me to know more about dropshipping scams and how to deal with them. In the little time that I have been in the online retailing business, I have seen that the scams that you keep alerting readers about are truly happening all across e-commerce sites and are not exaggerated situations. Please do keep us posted on the latest developments.

    • webadmin says:

      Hey Marth
      Thank Marth for your motivation. I will keep posting on. The idea behind these blogs is to help established as well as new online retail establishments go about their business in a relaxed and scam-free environment. It is difficult for those who get duped by dropship scams to overcome the terrifying experience, both mentally and financially. By keeping a hawk’s eye on the various developments on the e-commerce front, I try and make it more comfortable for online retailers to get best of resources. It is my effort to expose all types of scams the moment they are reported or detected so that scammers do not enjoy a long run. If you keep yourself updated regularly, the possibility of falling victim to such fraudsters is extremely remote.

  2. Gary says:

    Are all trade forums reliable? How do I identify a reliable online wholesaler forum?

  3. admin says:

    Hi Gary

    While the intention of all online trade forums is to keep business alerted to the various pitfalls on the e-commerce front, there are many forums which despite their best intentions do not have the necessary resources and the expertise to deliver the goods. It is important to rely on established and genuine portals that are used by thousands of buyers and sellers everyday to gain more information about online selling and buying business. Forums that are established and are trusted by many users because of the benefits that they have personally experienced can be implicitly trusted to advice you correctly about various issues.

  4. Joan says:

    I have been following your blogs and genuinely appreciate the efforts you take to inform online retailers about scammers in the dropshipping business. I know of many instances where sheer ignorance has led to many newcomers fall to the craftiness of dropship scammers. Blogs such as this one can truly help minimize such instances appreciably.

  5. Steve Roger says:

    I too agree with you. Esources is beneficial for both newbies and established traders.

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