Dropshippingscams.com helps online businesses, retailers, and suppliers identify the scammers and fraudsters pervading on the Internet in the guise of genuine suppliers. They tell you how to identify and avoid such elements and also provide valuable input about the various precautions to be taken before entering into an agreement with a dropshipper.

The site is a powerful source of information about every conceivable topic related to dropshipping and dropship scams. There are instances when the fear of getting scammed has kept retailers away from using the dropshipping model to do business online. If you have had such experiences, then this site will help you remove your misgivings and avoid getting caught in a scammer’s net.

The portal keeps a close tab on the various types of scams perpetuated in the dropshipping business model and promptly brings them to the notice of online business owners. By identifying the modus operandi of these fraudsters, they alert you from falling into same or similar traps. Hundreds of such scams have been reported on the portal by those who have been affected by them directly. The portal serves as an excellent informative source to small-time online retailers. Many such innocent individuals have benefited because of the information about various scam situations posted here.

The site is not just about dropship scams. You can also have information about the hottest selling products, services, and new business models. Information is collected from various sources and listed under appropriate categories for easy browsing. The dropshipping directory articles are a useful source of information about how to contact reliable and legitimate dropshippers.

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