A New Dropshipping Market is Fast Emerging

News reports emerging from China is being watched by EBay power sellers and ecommerce shop owners with keen interest. Latest figures emerging from the country seem to confirm that they are the new world leaders in dropshipp. It is a sector that has been dominated heavily by the US based companies and most of the drop shipping companies have their physical addresses in the US.

News reports emerging from China suggest that the trend is changing. The number of organizations offering dropship services in China is growing at a steady pace. In the last year alone, the number of operators has doubled. Chinese entrepreneurs have gotten a grip of the business and are now starting out on their own. It is felt that Chinese wholesale dropship companies will prove to be highly advantageous to EBay power sellers and online traders because indications are that the dropshipping services will be located a lot closer to the supply sources.

Traders dealing in electronic items are more likely to gain from the development according to news emerging from China. Electronic distributors and manufacturers have a significant presence in the Pearl River Delta area. The region is dominated by the presence of electronic companies which has grown tremendously over the past five to seven years.
Chinese dropshippers also seem to have built a strong business association with local suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. This will help them meet the requests of buyers more effectively than their US counterparts. Dealing with suppliers directly instead of middlemen and dropship agents can make a difference to the quality of merchandize and margins. Industry observers opine that all this points to a quick response time and access to efficient service providers besides quality products at reasonable prices for customers who order online.

News reports are unanimous in their view that dropshipping companies in China is the place where EBay power sellers and traders of electronic items worldwide will head to in the near future.

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